Parks and Trees Act

Conservation, Crime.
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This Act provides for the planting, maintenance and conservation of trees and plants within national parks, nature reserves, tree conservation areas, heritage road green buffers and other specified areas, and for matters connected therewith. Section 7(3)(a) provides that a central purpose of setting aside national parks and nature reserves is for 'the propagation, protection and conservation of the trees, plants, animals and other organisms of Singapore, whether indigenous or otherwise'. Section 9 of legislation details prohibited conduct/offences towards animals in national parks, reserves, conservation areas, etc, and the attached penalties. Section 9(2) is a broad offence that prohibits persons from carrying out 'any activity within any national park or nature reserve which [they] know or ought reasonably to know causes or may cause injury to, or the death of, any animal or any other organism within the national park or nature reserve'.
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Animal Welfare, Biodiversity, Criminal Penalties, Economic Penalties, Habitat Conservation, Imprisonment, Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation
Parks and Trees Act - CAALL