Housing and Development (Animals) Rules

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Subsidiary legislation regulating the number of cats, or dogs (and which specific breeds) that are allowed to be kept on premises. Section 2 limits premises and applicability of provisions only to 'lessee[s]' which 'includes any licensee, tenant, or owner of any property liecensed, leased or sold by the Board under the Housing and Development Act'. Section 3 states that notwithstanding any tenancy, license or lease agreement, or any consent given by the Board pursuant to agreement, no lessee shall keep any cat or dog in premises unless s 3(2) applies. Section 3(2) limits premises to only residential premises, and allows the lessee to keep, by discretion of the Board, not more than one dog of the breed specified in the Schedule. An officer of the Board, or any duly authorised may enter and search premises with regards to ascertain the presence of any dog or cat, of certain number or breed, at any reasonable time according to the lessee. This sub legislation includes the schedule of breeds of dogs allowed, as well as the economic penalties to be paid if failure to comply to provisions are found (s 5). (Revised 25 March 1992).
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Housing and Development (Animals) Rules - CAALL