Conservation of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Law

Conservation, Trade, Crime.
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This law replaced the 1994 Protection of Wildlife and Conservation of Natural Areas Law. Under this law, wildlife protection is classified into three levels: totally protected, normally protected and seasonally protected species. If a person kills or injures animals on the list of totally protected species, collects or trades their parts, they can be sentenced to at least 3–10 years in prison with a fine. The extraction, destruction and illegal trade of totally protected fauna and flora may now incur a fine of up to 1,000,000 kyat or up to 5 years imprisonment. English translations for the title of this law vary between 'Conservation of Biodiversity' and 'Protection of Biodviserity'.
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Animal Products, Bears, Community Involvement, Criminal Penalties, Domestic Trade, Elephants, Endangered Species, Gaurs, Golden Deers, Ivory, Leopards, Pangolins, Poaching, Tigers
Conservation of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Law - CAALL