Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules

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Subsidiary legislation under the Animals and Birds Act that deals with licensing and control of dogs (both strayed and licensed). Sections 3–8 detail the requirements of a license to own or keep a dog, the process of applying for said license, license fees, mandatory compliance, and amendments in change of address or in situations only applicable to dog farms or pet shops. Section 8A deals with cases of dog bites and the authority of the Director General where reports are made of such cases. Section 9 affirms the authority of the Director General in dealing with dogs (licensed or not) at large, and resulting offences which owners of licensed dogs at large may be found guilty of. S10–12 expands on the scope of authority of the government in the treatment of dogs (licensed or not) found to be in poor health, and the Director General's authority in releasing impounded dogs or requesting licensed dogs to be produced for examination. Sections 13–16 also gives the Director-General the authority to remove stray dogs from premises as well as revoke licenses if contravention of any aforementioned provisions are found. (Revised 1 October 2007, amended 1 March 2017).
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Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules - CAALL