Comparative ASEAN Animal Law Library Inc
21 July 2021

1. Purpose and Values

The purpose of this Code is to assist Comparative ASEAN Animal Law Library Inc (‘CAALL’) to maintain a safe and ethical work environment and to uphold CAALL’s founding purpose and values.

CAALL’s purposes are defined in the Model Rules as:

To develop a database of animal law materials in the ASEAN region, including materials from each jurisdiction and bilateral, multilateral and regional legal materials; and to publish and disseminate the database. These purposes are pursued in order to inform and improve animal law education and practice in the region, and ultimately to contribute to the advancement of animal welfare.

CAALL’s values underpin its work in pursuit of its purposes. They are:

  • Integrity – we strive to be transparent and honest in all our work
  • Respect – we strive to treat people and animals with dignity and compassion and do not discriminate
  • Access – we strive to make information about animals and animal law freely available to all who seek it
  • Justice – we strive to support just systems and outcomes for animals in the ASEAN region, with a consideration of animal rights as well as animal welfare
  • Neutrality – we present information about animal law without critique

2. Scope

This Code applies to all members of CAALL, including committee members and general members. Certain aspects of the Code apply to the CAALL Committee as defined in the Model Rules as aspects of the Code concerned with CAALL governance.

3. Policy

The Code outlines the required standard of acceptable conduct and behaviour that we expect of all members in the performance of our work. This required standard of acceptable conduct and behaviour supports our ability to maintain trust and confidence in the public users of the CAALL database, animal law stakeholders, and institutions with whom CAALL engages.

The Code deals with CAALL members’ responsibilities to each other. The Code also deals with CAALL’s work with other persons, as CAALL members are expected to maintain a professional and ethical standard in all public-facing work on behalf of CAALL. This includes seeking procurement, partnerships and third-party work which upholds CAALL’s purposes and values; and ensuring that social media and other external communications uphold CAALL’s purposes and values.

The Code also sets out Committee-specific responsibilities which align CAALL’s purposes and values with a high standard of governance.

The Code is not intended to provide a detailed and exhaustive list of what to do in every aspect of work. Instead, it represents a broad framework that will help guide conduct and behaviour in the performance of duties and interactions.

4. Responsibilities

All members of CAALL should:

5.1 General responsibilities and responsibilities to other CAALL members

  • Be aware of, and comply with, the Code and other CAALL rules and policies applicable to them, including the Model Rules and Conflict of Interest Policy;
  • Model CAALL’s values of Integrity, Respect, Access, Justice and Neutrality;
  • Keep all records, documents and communications accurate, truthful, and up to date;
  • Ensure that CAALL members’ personal information is kept private;

5.2 Responsibilities regarding persons and institutions other than CAALL

  • Ensure that engagement with the public on CAALL’s behalf upholds CAALL’s purposes and values;
  • Ensure that procurement, partnership and other third party work upholds CAALL’s purposes and values;
  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained over information concerning procurement, partnerships and third party work.

5.3 Committee responsibilities

  • Committee members should view the Model Rules, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Governance Standards, and the applicable legislation, rules and regulations as a minimum standard of governance;
  • Committee members should model CAALL’s values of Integrity, Respect, Access, Justice and Neutrality in the management of CAALL;


For questions about this policy, contact the committee or Secretary.

Secretary as at 21 July 2021: Matthew Clare | | 0490398900

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